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The Value of Website Design For Bloggers

Importance of web design

A website to advertise a product or service online doesn’t require a lot of technical expertise. Not that you can’t start a website and make money right away. 

A lot of people have faced this problem. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen, but it is true that the more you know about Internet marketing, specifically how to design a website, the more money you will make. 
Website design is generally only considered a secondary factor in marketing any product. The structure of your website must be well designed, in addition to its appearance. 

We will discuss website design in this article and the structure your website should follow in order to maximize the possibility of making money online.

General look of a website

On a typical website, you’ll see a banner at the top, content above the fold, and a few ads positioned right or left. 
Most major websites follow this design style, which is usually made elegantly since they have the resources and time to do so. 
The average person who doesn’t know much about HTML, blogs, or even simple design techniques probably can’t achieve that effect on their own website. 

importance of web design for blogger
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You can, however, modify the structure of your website, which will improve your chances of earning more income.

Web design and Categories

We are referring to web design in the context of the site’s structure. It’s important to have a landing page that reflects the objective or what you are trying to sell. The site should have legal pages, especially if you’re selling something that promises to make money. 
Ensure that the main page has a broad selection of articles.

Particularly on a WordPress blog, these are usually organized into different categories in order to make it easier for the visitor to find the information they are looking for. 

Value of good web design in SERPs

Google even prefers this kind of website design because it enables visitors to find information more easily, much like what they would experience on Wikipedia-type websites.

As a final step, you should add content to the website based on the category. You may be able to rank high on the search engines by using this configuration, since not only is it easy for people to find everything that’s on your site, it’s also very easy to index.

You can rank higher in the search engines if you create sites that are designed to facilitate the best visitor experience possible. This will encourage your visitors to purchase what you have to offer. It is not very difficult to organize your website, and there are plenty of tutorials you can find online if you are not experienced in this area.

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