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Carpet Cleaner Business – Start it & be the best in 2021

Are people searching for carpet cleaners?

Aside from enhancing the beauty of a room due to its colors and patterns, carpets can act as insulators because they provide some psychological feeling of warmth, can absorb noise, thereby improving the acoustic experience of the room and prevent slip-and-fall that is common on not carpeted floors.

One health benefit of having a carpet at home is that it has the ability to trap dust, small insects, bacteria, and other allergens. This particular benefit is one reason why a niche within the cleaning industry exists.

This niche is what we will be talking about in this post and how you can set up a profitable service-based business within the shortest time possible.

Carpet cleaning is the niche I want to introduce you to. This post is specifically written for those who have worked or are currently working as cleaners and have experienced in cleaning carpets.

Well, you can offer general cleaning services to your target audience but I want to encourage you to niche down. Let’s say you start this business tomorrow and you decide to call it “Ikoyi carpet cleaner.” What do you think would happened?

It opens you to the thousands of homes in Ikoyi, Lekki and Victoria Island that will be needing your services. Being specific in services render will help you stand out in a crowded market.

carpet cleaners in Nigeria
carpet cleaner cleaning a wooden floor

Be the available carpet cleaning services agency

Home owners and real estate agents are in dire need of carpet cleaners. At all time, people want to open their doors and welcome visitors or buyers with shinny, spotless and attractive homes.

Making yourself available to these guys and having the necessary skills to deliver, can be the big move you will be making this 2021. As long as you understand that new structures are being put up in this areas and new families are moving in, the demand for carpet cleaners will likely be high too.

How to set up a carpet cleaning business

The process involved in setting up a carpet cleaner’s business is the same as setting up any type of business. Understanding the 3 steps of setting a business which are strategy, business registration and finance is important if you must achieve success.


This is about creating a business plan. A business plan is like a roadmap. It contains details about your business goals and processes on how to achieve them. If you can’t draft one yourself, getting the services of a professional writer to help you create a plan for your business is a must. You do need this plan as it serves as a guide towards achieving your business goals.

It is at this stage that you understand the following:

  • Who are your ideal customers, what their problems are, and what solution(services) you will be rendering to them?
  • What tools and equipment you are going to need if you want to deliver excellent carpet cleaning services to customers?
  • What are your financial goals?
  • How do you reach your target market? This is the part where an agency like Brandloci can help you solve.
Beautifully designed carpet


Yeah, I am talking about carpet cleaners business and budget should not be included right? Give yourself a nice slap if you said yes to that question. Alright, I was joking.

But having a thorough knowledge of the financial implication involve in starting this business is crucial to your success. How much do you currently have? How much funding do you need to start this? How easy it is for you to access funding?

Once you properly answer this questions, you are on your way to having a good carpet cleaning services business setup within a short period.

Certified expert or you need training?

You definitely need to have the skill and experience if you decide to venture into carpet cleaning business. In the case where you don’t have the skills or experience, do you have a team with this skill?

This means you will run the business from an administrative position. Well, this post is targeted to individuals who have the skills and want to work as a one-man team. Nevertheless, it can be adopted by anyone who wants to grab the opportunities that come from this business.

As a Nigerian, you don’t need a license to start this business. There’s no body assigned to regulate this industry. This leaves you to effective and strategic marketing and words of mouth to get house owners pick their phones and dial your number.

In the case where you don’t have the skill or experience and don’t have the financial power to hire professionals, what do you do? Get trained. This move will delay your business set up but it is necessary. Get a a job as a cleaner and work for at least 6 months.

You want to be among the best carpet cleaners in your service area. You don’t one to be that cleaner with one star rating on their business profiles. It is ideal to start carpet cleaning business as a pro who only deliver customer-satisfied services at all time.

Register the business and open a business account

Believe this! No one is going to give you the keys to their houses if they don’t know you from Adam. Do not dream it, please. The chances are too even if you are the best carpet cleaner in town.

If you have a CAC certificate, would people need your services to take you seriously? Yes. You are 100% more likely to earn customers’ trust with a CAC certificate than without it. So, I will advise you to take this seriously and get your business registered.

There are several CAC certificates but you should go for one appropriate to the nature of your business.

Once you have sorted out your CAC registration and you have gotten the certificate, it is time for you to open a business or corporate account. I know you want to run a business for carpet cleaners and you don’t find this important.

Well, you don’t want to mix your business finances with your personal finances. One major reason why you need this account is that it protects you from business-related legal issues. Another reason for having a business account even as a carpet cleaner is, you can easily track the flow of money in your business.

Carpet cleaners need insurance! This is is the stage where you get it because you are going to be handling people’s properties and some customers come with ugly headaches. This insurance provides your business the protection it needs when claims of damages are made against your business.

Profit Estimate

How much can you make from this business? This is not a one-time business. It is going to be a continues business between you and your customers. Once you’re setup with the right equipment and have a reliable book of business, you should expect pretty fair profit at the end of every month.

Let say you have 10 customers to who you provide carpet cleaning services every month. If you charge them 20,000 naira each for your work, you are going to get 200,000 naira credit every month.

You are probably working just 10 days per month and you are being paid 200k for it. That is above what 90% of Nigerian graduates make every month. You can see that this puts you in a comfortable position and it can only get better once you start.


I believe I was able to throw lights on how you can create a business such as a carpet cleaning services and you can start implementing all that was said in this post. If you are a home cleaner or a window cleaner, you can still adopt this information and create a business for yourself this year.

So you have decided to go into this business and you need help with branding and marketing, right? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you kickstart this business of yours.

Our success depends on your success and we are 101% committed to your business growth at all times. Welcome to 2021 and we at BrandLoci wish you the very best this year has got installed for us. Become the best carpet cleaner this year.

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