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Your online success is our business

During his quest as a freelancer in the web development industry, Unimke Abana began to realize that it was either a brain-melting burden for his clients to get their web content ready or they were unable to pay the high cost of hiring a professional copywriter to get the job done right and on time.
The web content was never readily available when he needed them. If the content finally arrived, it was laden with errors or wasn’t up to standard.
The constant back and forth was cumbersome, frustrating, and overall inefficient. Things needed to change.
He realized that to solve this content issue, his clients needed professional copywriters who could provide quality content and full satisfaction, at a price that is reasonable enough to fit every budget.
Something needed to be done to take this burden off his clients and improve his turnaround time to keep everyone happy. Then it all began! 

The solution was bringing onboard experienced freelancers. In 2020, He set out to build a productive team made up of the best-experienced hands in their various fields to deliver a memorable and satisfactory experience to clients. BrandLoci becomes a one-stop place for ALL their digital needs.

At BrandLoci, we believe that the success stories of our clients are also ours. This is why we put 101% into every project we take on with the sole aim of helping business owners reach their goals.

We stay committed to helping you get affordable professional services for your business, big or small.

A web design and digital marketing company that provides strategic and effective digital solutions to help brands make a profit and stand out amidst all the noise.


To be an irreplaceable resource and a trusted partner for businesses who want to benefit from our expertise.


Creative. Insightful. Strategic. Targeted. Successful.

The Team

To ensure the success of our clients by genuinely caring about their goals and objectives.

Unimke Abana

Unimke Abana

Web Designer

Jubilee Chukwuma

Jubilee Chukwuma

Content Writer



Graphic Designer

Our Works

We want to help businesses build a robust online presence and drive traffic and sales. Whether it’s a website development or redesign, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Social media management, or SEO,  we are here to help.

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